Audited by Designed to put DeFi in your hands with physical products, and the unification of many DeFi projects with limited collaborations. THE BRIDGE BETWEEN DEFI AND REAL LIFE. FUELING THE FULL EXPERIENCE OF DEFI. Partnered with THE FUTURE IS HERE.
Total Supply (1 Quadrillion)
Circulating token


Marketing and manufacturing 0
Auto Liquidity 0
Back to holders 0
Total fees 0

54% of total supply


41% of total supply

Dev wallet

5% of total supply

Dev wallet is 90% locked/vested. Only 20% gets released every 30 days.


The FueLshoP will be the portal to a new way of experiencing DeFi, by welcoming and incentivizing DeFi projects and influencers to use our platform as a hub to sell physical products and merchandise. The FueLshoP will also be home to limited collaborations between DeFi projects and influencers, with anything from fashion, to NFT’s. Starting with ShibFueL energy.

Coming soon Coming soon


ShibFueL welcomes an exclusive partnership with DEXbot. DEXbot is an amazing software attached to our marketing and dev wallet. DEXbot’s software uses algorithms to execute sells in these wallets on only green candles, based on growth percentage over a certain period of time. This allows ShibFueL to prevent dumps on the chart that plague many projects in the DeFi space. Allowing ShibFueL to obtain and maintain growing marketing funds, and pay those who develop and push the growth of ShibFueL, all while being able to maintain a healthy, green chart along the way. Keeping your funds safe inside the ShibFueL ecosystem.

DEXbot is currently only available for exclusive partnership use at this time,
but near the end of Q4 2021, a publicly available version will be released for all investors to use.